Campaign, incentive and target monitoring.

Management / auditing campaigns and targets

Management, control and review of incentives, bonuses and commercial campaigns designed by the brands to boost sales. We work with the brands in campaign implementation, the management of the dealers’ requests, their analysis and payment monitoring, the resolving of queries and incidents and the developing of management platforms, etc.

We also review the use made by the dealers of the campaigns, verifying that the conditions set out in the regulations are duly met and analyzing their effectiveness.

To achieve this we use different methodologies and tools. We carry out the work in the brand’s offices, in our own offices or in the dealers’ premises.

Management and auditing campaigns and targets

At F-Alternative we have carried out these kinds of projects for 23 different brands, which provides us with unique and very valuable experience.

management / evaluation of variables and qualitative targets

management and evaluation of variables and qualitative targets

Brands encourage an improvement in the image and quality of the services provided by their networks by increasing the importance and amount of the bonuses / variable payments related to the achievement of qualitative targets.

Management and evaluation are of vital importance for the brand and its network.

With the participation of an independent company such as F-Alternative, with extensive experience in this area, and with the support of our software applications, our client brands optimise their management, obtaining the best results.

At F-Alternative we are flexible and work in constant communication with our clients, developing both complete projects or only partial aspects.

sales analysis and support tools

F-Alternative has extensive experience in the design and development of software tools to support the commercial management of the dealers / retailers. We also master the management and control of business procedures.

Currently we have tools to analyse aspects relevant to both the automotive sector and insurance companies.

We also have tools for advertising analysis and social media monitoring, etc.

sales analysis and support tools

F-Alternative proudly boasts unique experience in implementing programmes to improve sales, market share, sales tunnel management and CRM.