business process outsourcing

Fiscalges Alternative is a company that is specialised the outsourcing of business processes, support processes and activities that brands need to develop within their commercial and service networks (sales outlets, branches, franchisees, dealers, agents, etc.) in different areas: commercial, administrative, marketing, customer quality, processes, services, …

On request of our client brands, we assess, audit, deploy and optimise aspects related to the state, management and services of their networks.

We design and develop tools for market analysis and business management support.



  • we assess

    We objectively and accurately measure the state, location and quality of services of distribution networks and client service.

  • we audit

    We verify and control different areas of management, performance and processes in our clients’ networks.

  • we design

    We define strategies and develop processes that help us to achieve them.

  • we deploy

    We help our clients’ brands to deploy new programmes and processes in their networks.

  • we optimise

    We help our clients improve the management and processes of their networks.


Our work does not end with the detection of deviations or noncompliance, or with an assessment or measure; these are the starting points of our consultants for diagnosis, establishment and deployment of improvement actions, support programmes, coaching, training, etc.

In this way we become a valuable ally of our clients when it comes to improving aspects of their management, processes, quality of services and commercial performance, since we bring knowledge, experience, innovative ideas and the most appropriate solutions.


This is the sector in which Fiscalges Alternative, since its creation, has developed an important part of its services, and, as a result, is where it boasts great expertise and concentrates the largest number of clients. [Read more...]


This sector has acquired significant importance within our activity at Fiscalges Alternative.
In this area, amongst others, we have a highly advance tool which analyses insurance schemes sold by insurance companies and we offer services related to the evaluation and improvement in the agents’ networks and auditing and evaluations of the quality of services in the associated workshops. [Read more...]


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