Quality standards, processes and corporate identity

management / assessment of standards and corporate image

Projects related to the management, assessment, implementation and improvement of criteria and standards required by the brands of their dealer and service networks in aspects such as:

  • Image
  • Facilities
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Processes
  • Activity and quality indicators
  • Others.
management and assessment of standards and corporate image

We develop tailor-made projects and work in constant interaction with our customers. We design, deploy and analyse the results, introducing elements for improvement. Should the project require continuity, we include it within the most suitable Management System framework.

activity, processes and service assessment and control

activity, processes and service assessment and control

Assessment and monitoring of the activity, processes and services in the networks / sales areas, in compliance with the protocols pre-determined by the brands.

This could refer to:

  • Commercial activity, business processes, service provision and quality, etc.
  • Complaint and claim management.
  • Management and control of repairs covered by the brand guarantee.
  • Compliance with different norms and document management analysis.
  • Verification of compliance with the different terms of the contracts subscribed between the brands and retailers.

Our work allows our clients to reallocate their professionals to the duties which prove more essential to the business.

platforms for efficient management

F-Alternative has extensive experience in developing personalised online tools to improve brand management with their networks / retailers.

Our activity can be concentrated on the software platform or can also be extended to include fieldwork, or specific management aspects as may be required by the client.

platforms for efficient management