We comprise a team of professionals with over 20 years’ accumulated experience.

We are a team of professionals forming part of an organisation that boasts vast experience and which, since 1992, works exclusively on projects to optimise the management of companies with important distribution and/or service networks.

Our job is mainly carried out in the premises of the branches, outlets, distributors or dealers of our clients, which, in time, has enabled us to work with certain special characteristics which benefit them greatly.


Quality Management Organization

Fiscalges Alternative S.L. has a Quality Management Organization system certified according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2015 standard by Applus+

*for the activities of: Performance of data audits within the automotive sector and insurance comparison services.

Information Security Management

Fiscalges Alternative S.L. has an Information Security Management system certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001-2013 standard by Applus+

*for the activities of: Information security management systems that support the evaluation and control services of the management and quality of services for distribution networks and insurance comparison, according to the declaration of applicability Revision 1 dated 12/09/2019.

F-Alternative advantages

Our professionals

Experts in developing their services within our clients’ distribution networks, our professionals are trained in compliance with our work philosophy and at all times adapt to the needs of the projects.

We are specialists

We have carried out many projects in very diverse situations. We adapt our tools and working methods to the real needs of our clients.

We are competitive

Once correctly scaled, our experience, tools and designed systems allow us to offer the best solutions within the market environment in which we are working.

We work “hand in hand” with our clients

From the very beginning of the project, throughout its implementation, as well as on finalisation we listen, observe, analyse, propose, discuss, deploy, monitor and assess. This is all carried out in an environment of maximum adaptability, flexibility and interaction with the brand.

And above all, proximity

We develop our projects in the premises of the company contracting our services, especially in their branches and service centres, which is where the core activity of our clients is carried out.

In F-Alternative we want to contribute decisively to improving the companies in which we operate, helping them to achieve their objectives by providing know-how and innovative solutions.

We carry out our work committed to society thanks to a model of responsible and ethical management both in our work and also in the relations with our partners, in order to favour the development of a more just and equitable society.

our values

Our objective is to create a responsible business, promoting social action and respecting environmental policies as part of our commitment. We achieve this by complying with all legal requirements, both internally as well as with our business operations and relations with our clients, and caring about social and environmental issues, actively supporting actions in this connection.

Corporate social responsibility


We are a leading company in professional and consultancy services and we strive to continue being so, based on serious and committed hard work with companies and organisations, ethics and social responsibility in all our actions and in the ongoing acquisition of knowledge and skills that offer added value to our services.


Our fundamental purpose is to contribute to improvement in the companies in which we carry out our activity, helping them to achieve their objectives, providing knowledge and innovative solutions with a very specialised and professional team of people and management tools which we have developed ourselves and are tailored to the different requirements of each client.

Ethical code

In F-Alternative, our conduct is regulated by a Code of Ethics in which our basic codes of conduct are defined. These include the relationship amongst our own employees and also with third parties, how to act in the event of a conflict of interests, information confidentiality, security and personal data protection, how we prevent fraud and Corporate Social Responsibility.

work with us!

At F-Alternative, a growing company, we are committed to our values and ideals. Our main objective is to offer the best and most personalised care and service to our clients to achieve their greatest satisfaction.

We offer a work environment in which we all form part of a team. Our corporate culture is characterised by the identification and commitment of our workforce with the company’s objectives, within a teamwork environment and a good combination between the experience and knowledge of the more veteran members of the team, and with progress and the contributions of our younger employees.

Our workforce at F-Alternative comprises a multidisciplinary and dynamic team of competent professionals of different profiles and experience. We look for people who share our values and positive attitude, of different profiles: consultants, auditors, mystery shoppers, ...; and we offer opportunities in a variety of areas:

If you would like to be included on our database for future recruiting processes, please send your curriculum vitae to: seleccionpersonal@f-alternative.com
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