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commercial insurance comparer

An on-line, technical-commercial tool with four differentiated applications:

agents application

By means of the analysis of already existing products in the insurance sector, this tool provides insurance companies with a summary of all insurances in the market as well as technical arguments to facilitate the sales of their commercial networks.

central services application

Tool with functionalities destined to the departments of market investigation and development of new products, that allows to perform market studies with a single click, analyze commercial campaigns, obtain the wording of general conditions of your competitors, etc.

training application

This tool has training utilities, such as the elaboration of evaluation exercises for the internal staff and commercial networks of our clients or training support within a more recreational environment.

call centre application

Aimed at improving sales and customer retention or up-selling the company’s products, this tool is designed with utilities specifically adapted to the reality of operations in a Call Centre, both for direct sales, as well as loyalty or customer service.

comparador comercial asegurador

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corredores cca

corredorescca is an online tool that is accessible from any device and which allows the commercial staff of any insurance brokerage to compare, analyze and manage the products and commercial proposals that are offered to their customers.

  • > It allows making comparisons to meet the requirements of the objective analysis that any broker must perform.
  • > It provides commercial arguments for clients to contract the products offered by the broker, instead of their current insurance.
  • > It informs of all the existing promotions in the market, and with a single click the broker will know which company will be able to make the best economic offer for his client.
  • > By containing the information of all the products in the market, the broker will be able to answer all his client’s doubts regarding coverage, both in the case of making claims and taking out new policies.

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We conduct market research for our clients about the different types of insurances existing in the market, from different perspectives, such as:

  • - Pricing.
  • - Insurance coverages.
  • - Procurement rules.
  • - Wording of general conditions.

audit of contractors/suppliers of the insurance companies

We audit suppliers of the insurance companies that provide outsourcing services to their costumers like dental clinics, repairers of insurance claims or any other supplier.

  • - To Verify the quality and eligibility of activities and costs claimed.
  • - To assess and help improve the quality of service received by custom.
  • - To Verify and improve compliance of quality standards set by the insurance company.

assessment and segmentation of agent networks

assessment and segmentation of agent networks

Projects designed for the assessment and segmentation of the insurance companies’ agent networks, with the aim of enhancing the commercial networks’ understanding towards establishing the most appropriate strategic and tactical actions to improve their commercial efficiency.

We assume the total number of actions necessary for a successful completion of the job: design, planning, logistics, deployment, data processing, reporting and the analysis of results.

associated garages

  • Assessment and improvement of service quality and client satisfaction
  • Auditing of standards and material resources and also quality criteria and requirements
  • Process and repair audits
  • Mystery Repair, Mystery Calling and Mystery Online
  • Audit of candidate associated workshops
  • Improvement in workshop management and efficiency
  • Deployment and improvement of processes
  • Satisfaction surveys

breakdown recovery

Service Quality Assessment of “breakdown recovery” services offered by Insurance Companies.

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