Commercial programs management optimisation

management and evaluation of objectives and bonuses

Brands encourage volumes, process performance and participation in the programmes and image of their networks in order to increase the importance and the amount of bonuses and variable remuneration linked to the achievement of both quantitative and qualitative objectives.

The management and evaluation of this data become matters of vital importance not only for the brand but also for the network.

With the participation of an independent company such as F-Alternative, with our vast experience in this field, together with the support of our computer platforms, our customer brands can optimize the management of their commercial, after-sales and spare parts programmes to obtain maximum results.

  • We verify the different aspects required by the programmes, either from a distance, but also at the points of sale and servicing.
  • We obtain and manage the information received from the different departments of the brand and also their network in order to calculate the remunerations.
  • integrate the information onto a computer platform for further monitoring and follow-up processes.
gestión y evaluación de objetivos y bonus

These F-Alternative services guarantee the correct application of the established criteria as well as the reliability of the information used.